Collection: Sensis

SENSIS - a Polish brand present on the market since 2008, was created for women who value both style and comfort.

Our history begins with the launch in 2008 of a small sewing plant employing 6 people, the plant was only 60 m2. From the very beginning, we assumed that our products will be of the best quality, with a simple design, made of high-quality knitted fabrics produced exclusively in Poland.

Every year our offer grew richer, not only with pajamas, shirts and bathrobes, but also with home clothes, in which every woman can feel comfortable after a hard day's work. Our goal is to create a fashionable, modern and recognizable brand. We build the image not only about focusing on products, but also about places, people who create them and, above all, about values, which are respect and honesty for us.

The continuous development of the company meant that in 2018 we moved to our own plant with an area of 2,500 m2, we are constantly investing in modern sewing equipment, thus creating the best working conditions.

Currently, Sensis is one of the most recognizable Polish brands offering nightwear. Hard work, striving to achieve a goal in small steps, through many difficulties turned into a great dream of a family business gaining recognition thanks to the highest quality products.

We sew in Poland, we proudly emphasize it!