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Fashion Care

Fashion Care Soft Mesh Wash Bag

Fashion Care Soft Mesh Wash Bag

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Protects and extensa the life of your clothes in the wash.

Be kind to the clothes you love.

Machine wash you delicate items with Fashion Care powder or liquid in this soft mesh wash bag. Its unique mesh design prevents snags and straching. Maximizes water flow for a through cleansing. Durable, slef-locking zipper wont open during the wash cylce.

Proctects in the dyer too.

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    Care Instructions Image of washing machine swimsuit care recommendation just beachy

    How To Improve The Life Of Your SwimsuitThe Do's and the Dont's

    Encouragements (Do's)

    Do: Rinse and Hand Wash in cold water separately
    Do: Rotate Suits

    Discouragements (Don't)

    Don’t: Overdo the Heat
    Don't: Bleach, tumble-dry, dry-clean, iron your swimsuit

    Don’t: Soak a swimsuit overnight

    Don’t: Dry directly in the sun

    Don’t: Hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry

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