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Flaunt Umph Crescent Cutlet

Flaunt Umph Crescent Cutlet

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Give your silhouette an extra umph!

These cookies create subtle enhancement for the bust line and can be positioned in various places in your bra or can replace foam pads to provide a natural looking, curvy appearance. They will fit with virtually any bra and clear so will not show through.

Do not fear these are super comfy too so you can forget they are there and just enjoy!

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How To Improve The Life Of Your Swimsuit The Do's and the Dont's

    • Care Recommendations

      Encouragements (Do's)

      Do: Rinse and Hand Wash in cold water separately
      Do: Rotate Suits

      Discouragements (Don't)

      Don’t: Overdo the Heat
      Don't: Bleach, tumble-dry, dry-clean, iron your swimsuit

      Don’t: Soak a swimsuit overnight

      Don’t: Dry directly in the sun

      Don’t: Hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry

      Swimsuit Care